Judge in Alex Murdaugh Case Predicts Former Lawyer Will Be Tormented by the Ghosts of His Late Wife and Son

The nation was shocked by the murder of Alex Murdaugh’s family, committed by the former lawyer himself. While many wished for him to spend his life in prison, Judge Clifton Newman expressed sympathy for the killer.

Judge Newman was responsible for sentencing Murdaugh in South Carolina.

He sentenced him to federal prison for the rest of his life for the killings of his wife Maggie and their son Paul, whose last moments were recorded on his phone.

No rest for the wicked

To make matters worse, Murdaugh testified in his own defense, despite video evidence placing him at the crime scene. Once caught lying on the witness stand, his fate was sealed.

However, Judge Newman believes that Murdaugh’s life has not yet reached its lowest point. He believes the former lawyer will experience torment while in solitary confinement.

He even mentioned that when he saw Murdaugh in the courtroom, he sensed that the man would sink even deeper over time. This accurately captures the mounting consequences of the crimes Murdaugh committed.

After murdering his wife and son, the disgraced lawyer called 911 to report that he had discovered his family dead near the dog kennels on their rural property in South Carolina. As the prosecutors unraveled his web of lies, Murdaugh realized there was no way out.

The jury swiftly ends Murdaugh’s sentencing

In a remarkably short period of three hours, the jury reached a guilty verdict, sentencing Murdaugh to the US penitentiary system for the rest of his life.

Although many argue that his wife and son’s spirits will haunt him throughout his remaining years.

Murdaugh even attempted to twist the story, portraying himself as the victim and claiming that the evidence suggesting a failed suicide attempt was actually the result of an attack on his life by alleged assailants.

However, the judge showed more mercy than the jury that condemned Murdaugh to a lifetime behind bars. In a subsequent interview, the judge stated that he believes Murdaugh will never kill again, even if given the chance.

Although he currently faces over 100 state charges, it remains that this murderer will be kept away from society’s streets for years to come; any additional sentencing would be redundant.

No amount of tax fraud can compare to taking the lives of one’s own family. Murdaugh’s actions have permanently severed his ties with society, regardless of how hard he tries to repent.

Even after all this, the lawyer steadfastly maintains his innocence, claiming he did not kill his wife or son.

This article originally appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.

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