Judge Rules Mail On Sunday Article Defamatory

A judge in the High Court has declared the Mail on Sunday article to be defamatory. The judge agreed that the article could lead readers to believe that Prince Harry intentionally attempted to mislead the public about his legal actions against the government. According to the judge, the article contained allegations that were intended to mislead the public, which fulfills the requirements for defamation. The article’s portrayal of Harry and his lawyers’ efforts to maintain confidentiality regarding his pursuit of police protection was also deemed to be defamatory.

The article insinuated that Harry’s requests for confidentiality were excessive, unwarranted, and rightfully challenged by the Home Office in the interest of transparency and open justice. The judge made it clear that this ruling only marks the initial phase in a libel claim, and the next step will involve the defendant filing a defense. The final determination of the claim’s success or failure will be made during the later stages of the legal proceedings.

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