Kamala Harris Causes Debate by Suggesting Christians’ Ability to Advocate for Abortion

Vice President Kamala Harris made a controversial statement to a group of college students, suggesting that Christians can support abortion. Many questioned her understanding of the Bible and Christian values in light of this stance.

Harris, who is currently touring the country to promote abortion rights, made this remark during a stop in North Carolina.

She told the students, “One does not have to abandon their faith, or deeply held beliefs, to agree that the government should not be telling [a woman] what to do with her body.” This statement sparked a wave of criticism from pro-life advocates and Christians nationwide.

The vice president went on to criticize pro-life Americans, labeling them as “extremist so-called leaders” and branding pro-life laws that protect unborn babies as “immoral.” She also argued that Congress could reinstate the protections of Roe v. Wade, which grants women the right to make decisions about their bodies.

However, SBA Pro-Life America, a prominent pro-life organization, strongly condemned Harris’ remarks.

Michelle Ashley, the North Carolina state director for SBA Pro-Life America, stated, “Vice President Kamala Harris just kicked off her ‘Abortion Activism Around America’ tour aimed at indoctrinating our young people, but Harris needs to understand that North Carolinians do not support her radical approach.”

Ashley pointed out that the majority of North Carolinians want strict limits on abortions, with most opposing elective abortions after the first trimester. This stance sharply contrasts with the pro-abortion policies of the Biden-Harris administration.

When it comes to the intersection of Christianity and abortion, Harris seems to be misinformed. The Bible unequivocally condemns murder, harm to children, and the shedding of innocent blood. It recognizes unborn babies as valuable, living human beings created in God’s image.

True Christianity advocates for the most vulnerable, defends the defenseless, and offers compassion to those suffering. This includes unborn babies, who are recognized throughout the Bible as unique, valuable human beings created in God’s image.

Across the U.S., Christians are working tirelessly to protect unborn babies and provide support to pregnant and parenting mothers in need. Through pregnancy centers, maternity homes, and other charities, pro-life advocates practice true justice and the “love thy neighbor” commandment by assisting millions of mothers and babies.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.

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