Key Democrat Punished Results in Trump’s Adversary’s Meltdown

The Republican majority in the House of Representatives voted to censure Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff, which served as punishment for spreading lies about Trump. This decision not only penalized Schiff but also seemed to greatly affect another Trump adversary, Alexander Vindman.

Democrat Commie Got What He Deserved

In a 219-208 vote, the House of Representatives adopted a resolution censuring Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) for his ongoing campaign of slander against Trump.

Since 2016, Schiff, who serves as a longtime member and chairman of the House Intelligence Subcommittee, has been promoting the false claim that Trump’s presidential campaign colluded with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Despite the censure, Schiff remains defiant and continues to stand by his lies, even though multiple federal probes have revealed no evidence of collusion.

However, the censure motion seems to have had a strong impact on Alexander Vindman.

Vindman, a lieutenant colonel in the US military, played a key role in the Democrats’ failed attempt in December 2018 to remove Trump from office over a falsified conversation with Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky.

‘B*tch Please’

Vindman was so upset about Schiff’s censure that he referred to a Breitbart News reporter, Kristina Wong, as a “b*tch,” according to The Gateway Pundit’s report. Vindman took particular offense at a tweet by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announcing Schiff’s censure.

In response to the tweet from the GOP House Speaker, Vindman stated that Schiff was ten times the man McCarthy could ever be. Additionally, Vindman reacted strongly to a “trolling” tweet from Breitbart’s Wong, which made references to his weight.

Vindman wrote, “B*tch please,” before blocking Wong on Twitter.

To further express his support for censured Rep. Schiff, Vindman embarked on a social media campaign endorsing Schiff’s bid to become a member of the United States Senate.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.

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