King Charles III First Speech: Transcript And Video

I am speaking to you today with great sadness. Throughout her life, my beloved Mother, Her Majesty The Queen, has been an inspiration and a role model to me and my entire family. We owe her a debt of gratitude for her love, affection, guidance, understanding, and exemplary behavior. Queen Elizabeth’s life was well-lived, and her passing is deeply mourned. Today, I renew my commitment to lifelong service to all of you.

In addition to the personal grief experienced by my family, we also share a deep sense of gratitude with many of you in the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth, and around the world. My mother, as Queen, dedicated more than seventy years of her life to serving the people of numerous nations. On her twenty-first birthday in 1947, she made a pledge during a broadcast from Cape Town to devote her life to the service of her peoples, regardless of its length. This pledge was not just a promise; it was a deeply personal commitment that defined her entire life. She made sacrifices for her duty. Her dedication and devotion as Sovereign were unwavering, even during times of change, progress, joy, celebration, sadness, and loss. Throughout her life of service, she demonstrated a love for tradition and a fearless embrace of progress, qualities that make our nations great. The affection, admiration, and respect she inspired became the hallmark of her reign. As a member of my family, I can attest that she embodied these qualities along with warmth, humor, and an extraordinary ability to see the best in people. Today, I pay tribute to my mother’s memory and honor her life of service. I understand that her death brings immense sadness to many of you, and I share that immeasurable sense of loss with all of you.

When my mother ascended to the throne, Britain and the world were still recovering from the hardships and aftermath of the Second World War, and society was governed by old conventions. Over the past seventy years, our society has evolved into one of diverse cultures and faiths. The institutions of the State have also changed accordingly. However, amidst all the changes and challenges, our nation and the broader family of Realms, which I am incredibly proud of, have thrived. Our values have remained constant and must continue to do so.

The role and responsibilities of the Monarchy remain, as does the Sovereign’s special relationship and responsibility towards the Church of England – a church deeply rooted in my own faith. I have been raised to value a sense of duty towards others and to hold in the highest regard our unique historical traditions, freedoms, and responsibilities under our system of parliamentary government. Just as The Queen unwaveringly maintained these principles, I solemnly pledge to uphold them for the duration of my remaining time, as granted by God. Regardless of where you live in the United Kingdom or in the Realms and territories across the world, and regardless of your background or beliefs, I will strive to serve you with loyalty, respect, and love, as I have done throughout my life.

My life will undoubtedly change as I assume new responsibilities. I will no longer be able to dedicate as much time and energy to the charities and issues that I deeply care about. However, I trust that others will continue this important work with unwavering dedication.

This is also a time of change for my family. I rely on the loving support of my dear wife, Camilla. In recognition of her loyal public service since our marriage seventeen years ago, she will become my Queen Consort. I know she will bring the same unwavering commitment to duty to her new role that I have come to depend on. As my heir, William will now assume the Scottish titles that have held great meaning for me. He will succeed me as the Duke of Cornwall and assume the responsibilities of the Duchy of Cornwall, which I have fulfilled for over five decades. Today, I am proud to bestow upon him the title of Prince of Wales, Tywysog Cymru, representing the country whose title I have been privileged to bear throughout much of my life and duties. Alongside Catherine, our new Prince and Princess of Wales will undoubtedly continue to inspire and lead national conversations, bringing essential aid to those on the margins and ensuring their voices are heard. I also want to express my love for Harry and Meghan as they forge their lives overseas.

In a little over a week, we will come together as a nation, as a Commonwealth, and as a global community to lay my beloved mother to rest. In our grief, let us remember her and find strength in the light of her example. On behalf of my entire family, I want to sincerely and deeply thank you for your condolences and support. They mean more to me than words can express. And to my dear Mama, as you embark on your final journey to join my late Papa, I simply want to say, thank you. Thank you for your love and devotion to our family and to the family of nations you have dutifully served all these years. May “flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest.”

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