Left-wing Politician Exposed for Committing Heinous Crimes Against Children

The malicious targeting of children in the United States is a deeply problematic issue that’s showing no sign of going away anytime soon.

On the left, there are ongoing pushes to expose kids to sexual content in schools and politically heated ideologies, such as critical race theory.

Despite parents across the country making it clear that they want their kids kept away from this type of material, some schools are still moving ahead with it anyway.

In New Hampshire, former Rep. Stacie Laughton is facing serious charges of sexually exploiting kids. Yet for some reason, the social media account of the transgender lawmaker is still up and contains some very disturbing content, per the Daily Caller.

Laughton’s TikTok page consists of images with Democratic figures and creepy videos where he expresses his clear sexual interest in children. To make matters even worse, TikTok hasn’t responded to questions about why this person’s account is allowed to remain active, despite the charges against him.

This is part of a pattern for the former New Hampshire lawmaker. His current charge of child sexual exploitation arrived earlier this month. Yet, in 2008, he went to prison for the conspiracy to engage in credit card fraud.

Then, in 2015, Laughton ran into legal problems after issuing a bomb threat against the Southern New Hampshire Medical Center. To avoid accountability for his actions, Laughton would go on to say he made the threat because his mental health was suffering.

Finally, in November of last year, the former New Hampshire lawmaker was taken into custody for stalking a woman.

This pattern of deviant behavior and a predatory interest in children has to be called out and widely condemned. Likewise, TikTok, which has suspended people’s accounts for far more minor offenses, should have to answer for why it chooses to keep giving Laughton a platform.

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Written by Western Reader

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