Leon Black’s Connection to Epstein’s Trafficking Ring Exposed

As the saga of Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious sex trafficking ring continues to unfold, the reputations of the wealthy and influential are increasingly under fire. One such individual is Wall Street magnate Leon Black, whose close ties with Epstein have come under renewed scrutiny.

Black finds himself in the crosshairs of the Senate Finance Committee, which is probing into whether he fulfilled his tax obligations on the staggering sum of over $158 million paid to Epstein for ‘tax advice’.

The question that looms large is why he sought Epstein’s counsel in the first place. Concurrently, Black has been a subject of interest for the press for multiple reasons.

Notably, it was revealed that he shelled out $62 million to the US Virgin Island government to prevent his involvement in litigation against Epstein’s estate. Furthermore, he is being sued by an anonymous Epstein trafficking victim, known as ‘Jane Doe’, who accuses him of rape and abuse.

This week, additional financial links between Black and Epstein have surfaced. In 2015, Black made a generous donation of $10 million to Gratitude America, a charity run by Epstein.

The charity, with its vague mission of ‘supporting the expression of gratitude for the ideals of America’, had existed for three years but had not received any other donations at the time, raising eyebrows about Black’s motives.

Despite these revelations, some have questioned why Black isn’t facing more legal scrutiny. A 2021 Vanity Fair report suggested that Black was under a ‘criminal probe’ related to several accusations.

However, the status of this investigation remains unclear. It appears that Black’s formidable legal team has managed to stall any prosecution, adding another layer of complexity to this tale of exploitation and abuse.

Adding to Black’s woes is the testimony of ‘Jane Doe’, who was allegedly groomed by a teen cheerleading instructor and her boyfriend before being introduced to Ghislaine Maxwell at an adult party.

She was then taken to Epstein’s Palm Beach home, where Maxwell taught her how to ‘make Jeffrey happy’ with a sexualized massage. Doe alleges that she was later sent to New York City to meet Epstein’s ‘special friend’, Leon Black.

In a separate incident, Guzel Ganieva, a Russian model and Black’s former mistress, received the first of many $100,000 monthly payments from a mysterious ‘E trust’ to keep quiet about their relationship.

Ganieva went public with her rape and harassment allegations in 2021. When Black accused her of lying, she sued him for defamation. Her case was eventually dismissed due to the non-disclosure agreement she had signed.

Currently, Black faces two lawsuits from Epstein’s trafficking victims, one filed by Cheri Pierson in 2022, and the new one by ‘Jane Doe’. Both women allege that Black attacked them at Epstein’s New York mansion.

Black vehemently denies all accusations and the cases are ongoing. As the web of Epstein’s criminal enterprise continues to unravel, the spotlight on Black’s alleged involvement only intensifies.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.

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