Most Americans Oppose Hunter Biden’s Plea Bargain

A new poll that was released on Wednesday showed more than two-thirds of American voters believe the first son was given preferential treatment.

Preferential Treatment

Additionally, more than half of respondents in the United States disapprove of the plea deal that enabled Hunter Biden to avoid prison time.

Following a five-year investigation in Delaware that was marred by charges of political obstruction from whistleblowers, Hunter is scheduled to appear in court on July 26. He is set to plead guilty to two misdemeanor offenses of failing to pay taxes.

However, it is anticipated that he will not have to serve any jail time when he does so.

According to a survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports, a majority (55%) of likely voters in the United States do not agree with Hunter Biden’s plea deal regarding tax and gun charges, with 41% expressing severe disapproval.

A little over one-quarter of voters, or 37%, are in favor of the plea deal.

67% of those surveyed said it was somewhat or very likely that Hunter Biden got beneficial treatment because his father is President Joe Biden.

People who identified as “liberal” were the least likely to be distrustful of the arrangement; just 29% of these people believed Hunter received preferential treatment.

It was believed that Hunter received preferential treatment by 56% of black voters, 66% of white voters, and 74% of voters of “other” races.

Rising Pressure

On the other hand, 58% of respondents indicated they somewhat or strongly concur that the US has a two-tiered justice system.

A federal court is under increasing pressure to reject Hunter Biden’s plea offer as information surfaces exposing severe problems in the investigation. This poll comes at a time when that pressure is rising.

The Rasmussen survey has a margin of error of 3%. It was based on responses from 1,054 likely voters in the United States. The survey was done over the phone and online between June 28-29 and July 2.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.

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