Muslims ‘Betray’ Lefties as Islam-Majority US Town Bans Gay Pride Symbols

Radical leftists of all kinds are feeling “betrayed” by Muslims after Hamtramck, Michigan, the only Muslim-majority city in the United States, has banned Gay Pride flags. The ban was justified by arguing that these symbols were threatening and disrespectful to the religion of the city’s residents.

Oh, the Irony!

One of the funniest and most rewarding developments in today’s America is when one group of presumed America-haters is attacked or “betrayed” by another. This scenario has just played out in Hamtramck, Michigan, a Muslim-dominated town of 30,000.

Democrats are now crying foul, but the decision has been made. Hamtramck’s all-Muslim town council, consisting of seven members, banned Gay Pride flags on its territory, allowing only American and other national flags to be flown.

The decision is a major blow to Democrats who, in 2015, celebrated when Hamtramck became the first town in the US to have a Muslim-majority council, as reported by The Guardian.

At that time, liberals considered this development a “meaningful rebuke” against “Islamophobia.”

Muslims Crushing LGBT Leftists

The situation highlights how local leftists had to witness helplessly as the socially conservative Muslim council outlawed LGBT symbols. Adding insult to injury, Muslim residents of the town celebrated in the streets, with social media posts from local Islamists declaring that Hamtramck had become a “fagless city.”

During the council vote, the scenes turned ridiculous when a town councilor named Mohammed Hassan shouted at LGBT supporters, stating that this was what the majority of his constituents wanted.

The report also quotes Karen Majewski, a Polish American, former mayor of Hamtramck, and Democrat, who expressed a “sense of betrayal.” Local groups are now engaged in vicious political battles.

Majewski goes on to complain about how liberals supported Muslims when their rights were threatened, but now Muslims are not just failing to support leftists when their rights are threatened, but they are the ones “doing the threatening.”

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.

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