Mysterious White Clots Found in Half of Deceased Bodies Since Spring 2021

In a recent podcast interview, a startling revelation sent shockwaves through the medical community.

Richard Hirschman, a seasoned embalmer, disclosed since April/May 2021, an alarming 50% of bodies he has worked on contained unusual “white, fibrous” clots. This shocking discovery raises serious questions about the health and safety of our society.

The interview took place during a Focus On America event held in Huntsville, Alabama. The event was graced by several distinguished patriots who have been vocal critics of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Among them were Lt. Col. Teresa Long, Lt. Col. David “T-bone” Trombly, Dr. James Thorp, Clay Parikh, Prof. David Clements, and Dr. Peter McCullough. However, it was Hirschman’s revelations that stole the show.

Hirschman is no stranger to the spotlight. He played a significant role in the hit documentary “Died Suddenly,” which was released in late 2022 and since amassed almost 19 million views.

The documentary provides a riveting account of peculiar anomalies found in deceased humans following the roll-out of experimental vaccines.

It’s been previously reported on these mysterious “white fibrous clots” back in September 2022. However, this recent interview with Hirschman delves deeper into the details of what he observed. The sheer volume of cases exhibiting these anomalies is nothing short of astronomical.

At the end of the day, Hirschman’s revelations serve as a stark reminder of the importance of questioning mainstream narratives and seeking the truth.

As everyone continues to navigate through these uncertain times, let us remember the words of Thomas Jefferson: “Information is the currency of democracy.”

Let’s be sure this currency remains untarnished by the stains of misinformation and deceit.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.

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