New Destination Uncovered: US Billionaires Discover Fresh Opportunities to Invest Their Wealth

The pandemic was a difficult time for most people, but for wealthy billionaires and globalists, it presented new opportunities. In fact, 537 new billionaires were created during the pandemic.

In the United States, it’s not just Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates who are looking to invest their wealth. Many other wealthy individuals are seeking places to invest and relax away from the stress they profit from.

One such destination is Kenmore, Scotland, which has gained popularity among these billionaires.

It’s Not Just a Washing Machine Brand

Kenmore, Scotland is a small place with a population of around 100, located in a remote area.

Recently, a large real estate development company from Arizona, working on behalf of the ultra-rich, has discovered Kenmore and acquired Taymouth Castle and neighboring properties to transform the area into a massive resort.

Unfortunately, the concerns and needs of the local residents in Kenmore are being overshadowed by the interests of these liberal billionaires.

The nearby hotel and post office are now closed, making way for the arrival of wealthy individuals and even Hollywood celebrities.

No Room For Normal People!

The real estate company is currently constructing several hundred units in a large resort building, positioning it as a major destination for tourists coming from Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The timeline for this project is unclear, but it reflects the trend of the ultra-wealthy exerting their influence and creating exclusive high-tech playgrounds where they can escape the chaos they’ve helped create and continue profiting from.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.

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