New Task Force Established to Counter Highly Advanced Home Burglaries in Metro Detroit

In response to recent upscale home invasions in metro Detroit, Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard has announced the formation of a specialized task force to address the issue. Affluent neighborhoods have seen an increase in break-ins carried out by well-trained groups using advanced technology.

The newly established task force, known as SEM CAB (Southeast Michigan Collaborative Arrest Prosecute), is a strong coalition of multiple law enforcement agencies, including local police departments, the FBI, Homeland Security Investigations, Michigan State Police, US Border Patrol, and the US Secret Service. This joint effort emphasizes the seriousness of the threat posed by these international criminal operations.

Sheriff Bouchard revealed in a recent news conference the sophisticated nature of these burglaries. The criminal groups, mainly from Latin America, particularly Chile, are described as highly functional and well-trained. They use jammers to disable WiFi-dependent security systems, allowing them to enter homes without detection, often through secluded rear windows or second stories.

These gangs have targeted approximately 30 to 40 high-end residences since the previous autumn, with five incidents reported over the most recent weekend in different areas. Clad in black with gloves and backpacks, they operate stealthily to ensure swift entry and exit, avoiding confrontations.

The targeted properties are multi-million-dollar homes where the criminals search for high-value items and transportable safes. The gangs move quickly from one area to another, making it challenging for law enforcement to anticipate their next target.

In response to these events, Sheriff Bouchard has advised homeowners to use redundant systems that do not rely solely on WiFi for communication. He also suggests residents call the police if their WiFi suddenly goes down without explanation, as it may indicate the presence of jammers used by the burglars.

Despite several arrests, including four individuals in custody in Oakland County Jail connected to this ring, the crime wave is reportedly growing. It is estimated that there are 100 or more of these transnational teams operating across the country at any given time, committing these crimes.

The establishment of SEM CAB demonstrates a proactive approach to addressing this issue. With the support of local, state, and federal partners, the task force aims to dismantle these criminal operations. Sheriff Bouchard has expressed appreciation for the cooperation and expects further charges from the attorney general soon.

Residents are urged to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity. The formation of SEM CAB underscores law enforcement’s dedication to protecting the community and bringing these sophisticated criminals to justice.

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