Newly Declassified CIA Documents Show Swedish Man’s Accurate Premonition of Kennedy’s Assassination

As of June 27, 1,103 documents have been released by the National Archives. This happened in cooperation with the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act.

The latest batch of JFK dumps contains CIA documents detailing November 29, 1963 and an American, Jay Albrecht, getting alleged foreknowledge of Kennedy’s assassination by his former Swedish girlfriend, Charlotte Aberg.

Charlotte Aberg’s Ex-Boyfriend, Karl-Erik Ridderstrale, Suspected of Being Involved with Communist Cells

After meeting (and breaking up with) Albrecht, who was living in Stockholm then, Charlotte Aberg began dating Karl-Erik Ridderstrale. This was a Swedish nobility member who was also said to hold strong left-wing ideological beliefs.

According to Albrecht, Ridderstrale commented while intoxicated about then-President John F. Kennedy being assassinated by his people within two weeks on November 15, 1963.

Albrecht later entered the US embassy in Stockholm and requested to speak with a security officer about Ridderstrale’s comments regarding the potential death of a sitting US President.

Aberg said Ridderstrale’s unusual comments were made during a visitation to Aberg’s mother. Following the assassination, Albrecht received a phone call from his former girlfriend, who was upset about the revelation on November 27, 1963.

Warped Accounts by Albrecht, Aberg Indicate Different Times About Ridderstrale’s Prediction

Aberg entered the Swedish embassy and gave a similar tale of accounts akin to Albrecht, but some differences were noted.

Albrecht originally gave the date of Ridderstrale’s comments as ten days before the assassination of John F. Kennedy, while Aberg said it was seven.

Aberg shared her details of events with an officer at the US embassy on December 4, 1963. She was told to inform Swedish authorities about Ridderstrale, given his communist sympathies and support for the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Swedish authorities did launch an investigation into Ridderstrale, later informing Aberg her former boyfriend had no recollection of ever suggesting Kennedy would be slain in Dallas.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.

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