Obama, Hillary, and Biden’s Unpunished Breach of Email Rules

In a shocking revelation, it has been discovered that former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and current President Joe Biden all used non-governmental email systems during their tenure in the Obama-Biden administration. This blatant disregard for protocol is not only a breach of trust but also a violation of the law. Yet, it appears that none of them will face any consequences for their actions.

The National Archives, in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed by the Southern Legal Foundation, a conservative nonprofit law firm, confirmed that they found 5,138 email messages and 25 electronic files linked to known pseudonym accounts used by Joe Biden.

After missing the initial deadline to produce these documents, the National Archives eventually located 82,000 pages of emails sent or received by then-Vice President Biden on three separate private pseudonym accounts.

These emails were reportedly used to conduct illicit business deals with foreign officials, raising serious questions about the integrity of our leaders. The sheer volume of these emails dwarfs the scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton’s private server, which was already a significant cause for concern.

Hillary Clinton was found to have thousands of emails in her possession, many of which were managed outside of official government channels. Despite the clear listing of her crimes by former FBI Director James Comey, she was never held accountable. This lack of action has led many to question the efficacy and impartiality of our justice system.

Similarly, Obama was also implicated in this scandal. He too used outside email systems during his administration, further contributing to the growing list of officials who chose to operate outside the bounds of legality and transparency.

The average observer might wonder if these emails have been thoroughly examined for any criminal activity before being released. It seems that influential figures like the Bidens are able to evade the law, committing serious crimes against the country without facing any repercussions.

This situation is a stark reminder of the corruption that can infiltrate even the highest levels of government. It’s disheartening to see such blatant disregard for the law from those who are supposed to uphold it. The lack of accountability sends a dangerous message about the state of our justice system.

In conclusion, the actions of Obama, Hillary, and Biden represent a significant breach of trust and a clear violation of the law. Their use of non-governmental email systems to conduct official business is not only unethical but also illegal. Yet, despite the gravity of their actions, it appears that they will face no consequences, further eroding public trust in our leaders and our justice system.

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