Outrage and Calls for Investigation Emerge as ATF Conducts Startling Raid on Law-Abiding Citizen

Russell Fincher, a peaceful Clayton resident and business owner, recently found himself at the center of an alarming ATF raid.

According to reports, Fincher’s home was stormed by approximately a dozen ATF agents who forced him to sign pre-prepared documents terminating his federal firearms license.

The incident took place in front of Fincher’s 13-year-old son, causing outrage and prompting calls for a thorough investigation.

State Representative Justin Humphrey expressed deep concern over the alleged misuse of federal police powers by the ATF upon learning about the incident.

He immediately forwarded the report to relevant Oklahoma authorities, including Attorney General Gentner Drummond, Pushmataha County Sheriff B.J. Hedgecock, and Governor Kevin J. Stitt.

Humphrey is calling for a comprehensive investigation into potential violations of state and federal laws, as well as possible infringements upon Fincher’s constitutional rights.

The raid, which involved seven vehicles carrying a dozen armed ATF agents, was a terrifying spectacle. Fincher was handcuffed on his deck, surrounded by agents brandishing AR-15s and dressed in tactical gear.

The aggressive behavior of the agents left Fincher and his young son traumatized. Fincher compared the experience to the infamous Trump raid, stating that he felt cornered and intimidated.

During the raid, Fincher was coerced into signing pre-prepared termination documents for his federal firearms license. The agents threatened further action against him and his acquaintances in the firearms industry.

They seized over 50 of Fincher’s personal guns, which were valued at approximately $50,000 to $60,000, claiming they were “evidence.” This heavy-handed approach seemed more like extortion than a legitimate law enforcement search.

Fincher, a high school history teacher, Baptist pastor, and part-time gun dealer, held a Federal Firearm License (FFL) for three years. His ordeal began with a seemingly innocent call from the ATF in April, requesting permission to inspect his home-based gun business.

However, the situation escalated dramatically when a large show of force unexpectedly confronted Fincher and his son in June.

After the ATF’s SWAT team cleared Fincher’s home, they contacted Special Agent Theodore Mongell, who was in charge of the raid.

Mongell allegedly told Fincher, “You’re done. We have to shut you down,” and warned him that they were targeting other FFL holders as well.

Several agents also accused Fincher of earning too much money through his gun show sales, despite Fincher explaining that he barely broke even after expenses.

This incident raises serious concerns about the ATF’s conduct and their respect for citizens’ constitutional rights. State Representative Justin Humphrey’s call for a thorough investigation is a step in the right direction.

The outcome of this investigation will undoubtedly have significant implications for the future of gun ownership and law enforcement in America.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.

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