Outrage over Venezuelan Migrant’s Guide to Squatting Shines Light on Immigration System Issues

In a shocking revelation that has caused significant controversy, Leonel Moreno, a Venezuelan undocumented migrant, has been providing guidance to illegal immigrants on how to take over American homes and claim squatter’s rights, all while evading authorities.

Moreno, known for his bold advice shared on social media platforms, is currently on the run from law enforcement, confirmed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as reported by the New York Post.

Moreno’s journey into the United States began with an illegal border crossing at Eagle Pass, Texas, in April 2022. He initially participated in the Alternatives to Detention program, which aimed to monitor migrants using ankle monitors and other technologies. However, Moreno violated the program’s terms and is now considered an “absconder” by ICE.

The activities of the Venezuelan migrant came to light when his TikTok account, with over 500,000 followers, was suspended for promoting criminal behavior against the platform’s policies. In one of his videos, watched nearly 4 million times, Moreno details his plans to squat in the U.S., suggesting that the law allows for occupying neglected homes to repair, reside in, or even use for obtaining credit.

This revelation has sparked strong criticism across various platforms, with many accusing Moreno of endorsing illegal activities, some even labeling his advice as ‘promotional terrorism.’ The backlash has prompted calls for FBI and Department of Homeland Security intervention.

Despite facing backlash and being a fugitive, Moreno continues to share content online, including a video of him in front of a Gahanna police car, although local law enforcement claims ignorance of his whereabouts. His boldness extends to boasting about receiving $350 weekly from the government and encouraging his followers to beg instead of work, citing allergies from working.

Moreno’s case emphasizes significant flaws within the U.S. immigration system, particularly in the Alternatives to Detention program. John Fabbricatore, former ICE field office director and current Colorado’s Sixth District candidate, criticized the program endorsed by the Biden administration as a “failure,” noting the large enrollment and high absconding rate.

Amid mainstream media shortcomings and declining public trust, it’s essential to accurately and promptly address these issues. Moreno’s actions not only undermine the rule of law but also disrespect lawful immigrants seeking a better life in the U.S. through legal channels. A comprehensive review and reform of the immigration system are imperative to uphold the nation’s laws and values while providing a just and effective entry process for legal immigrants.

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