Parents Protest LGBT Curriculum as LAPD and Antifa Clash

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) found themselves in a heated confrontation with Antifa militants and Revolutionary Communists.

The clash occurred as these groups attempted to obstruct parents from reaching a peaceful protest against the imposition of an LGBT curriculum on their minor children.

The epicenter of this conflict was Downtown Los Angeles, where parents had gathered to march towards the LAUSD headquarters.

Their destination was no random choice; it was the very place where the board was convening to discuss the controversial curriculum. The parents’ objective was clear – to voice their concerns about the educational content being forced upon their children.

Among the protesters were Latino and Armenian parents, who held aloft signs bearing powerful messages such as “Leave our kids alone” and “Lexit is against pedophilia.”

Their chants echoed through the streets of Los Angeles, amplifying their plea for their children’s innocence to be respected.

However, their path to the LAUSD headquarters was not unobstructed. Antifa militants and masked Revolutionary Communists had other plans.

They blocked the pathway, creating a human barricade between the parents and their destination. This act of defiance set the stage for a tense standoff.

The LAPD, equipped in riot gear, were quick to respond. They declared the assembly unlawful and attempted to disperse the crowd. However, their orders fell on deaf ears as the Antifa and communist groups refused to budge.

This refusal led to an inevitable clash between the law enforcement officers and the defiant groups.

One particular LAPD officer was seen using his baton to beat back the communists. The police also manhandled the individuals blocking the road, leading to several arrests. As of now, three arrests have been made, all on charges of failure to disperse.

This incident has sparked a wave of reactions across the nation.

While some view the actions of the Antifa and communist groups as an infringement on the rights of the parents, others see it as a necessary act of resistance against what they perceive as conservative backlash.

Regardless of the differing viewpoints, one thing is clear – this event ignited a fierce debate about the role of education and parental rights in shaping the future of our children.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.

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