Photos Show How Miserable The Flight Delays Have Become In The US

Flight delays in the US this summer, mainly due to extreme weather conditions, have been causing chaos at airports across the country and beyond. So far, there have been 11,337 delays and 2,077 cancellations reported, and unfortunately, the situation is not expected to improve anytime soon.

On Monday, the airports most affected by cancellations were Newark Liberty International, Dallas–Fort Worth International, and LaGuardia, according to FlightAware. These cancellations were primarily caused by severe storms and staffing issues.

Dallas–Fort Worth Airport experienced record-breaking rainfall between Sunday and Monday, with 9.19 inches in just 24 hours, the second-highest amount of rainfall ever recorded, according to the National Weather Service.

Passengers at Newark Liberty International are sharing stories of being stranded on the tarmac for nearly nine hours. In some cases, they were asked to deplane and later re-board, only to be informed that the flight was ultimately canceled because the crew had exceeded their duty hours, as reported.

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