Pics Of Japan’s Penis Festival, Kanamara Matsuri

During early April, a significant gathering takes place in Kawasaki, a city located about 30 minutes south of Tokyo, to commemorate Kanamara Matsuri, a notorious festival in Japan recognized as the Festival of the Steel Phallus. This festival has been celebrated on the first Sunday of April since 1969.

The festival revolves around the symbol of fertility and the male reproductive organ, featuring a variety of activities and attractions. Participants have the opportunity to carry handheld shrines adorned with giant penis statues, indulge in lollipops shaped like penises, purchase candles resembling penises, and even dress up as penises themselves. The festival offers an extensive selection of phallic merchandise for sale.

A tourist from Australia who attended this year’s festival described it as an “amazing” and “fun” experience, emphasizing the unique and contrasting nature compared to their home country. The tourist noted that witnessing such festivities in Australia would be considered unconventional, but it was evident that everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves at Kanamara Matsuri.

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