Poland’s Top Diplomat In Kyiv Says The City Is “Un-Occupiable”

Amid the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, ambassadors from various Western countries, including the United States, have already left the country. However, Poland’s diplomat in Kyiv, Cichocki, has chosen to remain. While some members of his team have relocated to Lviv or returned to Warsaw, many still stay in the capital.

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Cichocki expressed concern about the Russian threat. Outside his office, he had a helmet and bulletproof vest, both adorned with the Polish flag patch. He also carried a “go bag” containing important documents and his blood type was written on his arm.

As they spoke, rockets could be heard hitting the outskirts of Kyiv. Cichocki opened a window to listen and checked an app that notifies residents of incoming Russian missiles. However, he acknowledged that the app often has a significant delay of around two minutes, which is crucial given Russia’s use of short-range hypersonic ballistic missiles called Iskanders against Ukraine.

Cichocki made it clear that he has not been instructed by his superiors in Warsaw to leave Kyiv. He stressed the importance of being on-site, stating that certain tasks cannot be effectively carried out remotely. He continues to engage with Ukraine’s government and other Western diplomats throughout the day.

According to Cichocki, leaving now could negatively impact the morale of Ukrainians. He believes that it is crucial to maintain a visible show of support and solidarity.

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