Powerful Move by Republican Governor Turns Tables as Biden Faces Resistance

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has taken a strong stance against the Biden administration’s threats regarding an immigration barrier in the Rio Grande. Abbott has promised to defend the barrier through legal action.

An Unbelievable Situation

With Joe Biden’s flawed policies in the White House, Republican governors have become the nation’s last hope in reducing the scale of illegal immigration at the US southern border.

Governor Abbott’s administration in Texas has been particularly proactive in their efforts to defend and secure the border. Their latest measure involves installing a floating buoy barrier in the middle of the Rio Grande River.

In response to previous threats of legal action from Biden’s Justice Department, Abbott has written a letter to the president. This is the same agency that protected Hunter Biden from prosecution and serious charges.


GOP Governors Stand Strong Against Biden’s Empty Threats

In his letter to Joe Biden, Governor Abbott defends his authority to install the Rio Grande barrier, as reported by the Tampa Free Press. Abbott argues that Biden’s policy failures are infringing on American states’ constitutional rights to protect themselves from an “invasion.” This comes after the Biden DOJ accused Abbott of violating US law by erecting the floating buoy barrier to deter illegal migrants and criminals affiliated with Mexican drug cartels.

The recent letter marks Abbott’s third attempt to address the issue of illegal immigration that Biden seems to be ignoring. Abbott concludes with another plea to Biden to enforce the laws of the United States and put an end to the migrant invasion. However, it is unlikely that Biden will act upon this request.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.

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