Powerful Speech by EU Parliament Condemns Trudeau

A Canadian pastor’s son, Nathaniel Pawlowski, appealed for international assistance in his speech to the European Parliament.

His father, Pastor Artur Pawlowski, could face a 10-year prison sentence for preaching to truckers who were blocking the U.S.-Canada border. Nathaniel expressed his desperation, stating, “Canada has fallen,” to the parliament.

From Church Raids to Arrests: Pastor’s Fight for Freedom and Faith

Nathaniel focused his speech on his father’s story, highlighting the troubles faced by Pastor Artur Pawlowski with Calgary authorities. During a 2021 Easter service, Pastor Artur Pawlowski was forcibly removed from his own church by police enforcing COVID-19 compliance measures.

However, the pastor did not give up. He was arrested five times for defying a court order and continuing his services.

On one occasion, he was arrested on a busy highway while returning home from church. Another time, he was apprehended at the tarmac of Calgary International Airport after a speaking tour in the United States.

His “crime” was delivering a 19-minute speech to truckers protesting vaccine mandates at Alberta’s border with Montana in February 2022. He was later found guilty of mischief and breaching a release order in May.

Nathaniel Pawlowski Condemns Canadian Government’s Actions as a Threat to Liberty

Nathaniel Pawlowski revealed to the EU Parliament that he faced charges for publicly preaching and reading from the Bible.

He stated that the Canadian government considers these actions to be non-inclusive and hateful. “This is what the Canadian government is doing to us,” lamented Nathaniel.

In a powerful statement, Nathaniel compared Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to “a modern-day Caligula,” suggesting that Trudeau, like the Roman emperor, is acting uncontrollably.

“We cannot allow these mad emperors to run wild,” Nathaniel warned. He further claimed that the government is using health, safety, and protection as pretexts to infringe on rights and impose tyranny.

Mislav Kolakusic, an MEP from Croatia, also supported Nathaniel’s invitation to speak at the parliament. Kolakusic strongly criticized Trudeau, accusing him of oppressing Canadians under a “pseudo-liberal boot” and violating civil rights.

One of the European MEPs who invited Nathaniel to address the parliament was Christine Anderson from Germany.

Back in March 2022, she openly criticized Trudeau, accusing him of violating basic rights by labeling and persecuting his own citizens as terrorists because they resisted his “corrupt concept of democracy.”

She even referred to Trudeau as a “disgrace for any democracy.”

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.

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