Protesters in New York Show Disapproval of AOC’s Response to the Growing Migrant Crisis

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) faced backlash from New Yorkers over the escalating migrant crisis. The incident happened during her press conference outside the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan on September 15, 2023.

The city has been dealing with an influx of over 110,000 asylum seekers since the spring of 2022, costing approximately $10 million daily. The situation escalated, leading to clashes between protesters and migrants left homeless due to limited space.

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo warned that the migrant issue could politically damage the Democrats. He emphasized that immigration law is a federal responsibility, not a state or city one.

Cuomo criticized the Biden administration for not bearing the financial burden of the migrants and passing it on to the taxpayers of various cities.

Cuomo also questioned why Texas Governor Abbott was deciding where hundreds of thousands of migrants should be relocated across the nation. He warned that Republicans like Trump would exploit the situation for political gain, predicting Trump’s response would be, “I told you so.”

Cuomo further claimed that if he were still governor, he would march to Washington D.C. to demand federal assistance and urge Biden to take control of the situation.

However, these pleas and warnings seem to have been disregarded. During AOC’s press conference outside the Roosevelt Hotel, where migrants are housed, protesters shouted, “Close the border! Respect the constitution, AOC! I am your constituent!”

This incident highlights the growing frustration among New Yorkers over the handling of the migrant crisis and exposes the gap between the liberal policies of the ‘Squad’ and the practical realities faced by the citizens of New York City.

The migrant crisis is not only a humanitarian issue but also a significant financial burden on the city, costing an estimated $12 billion over three years.

The question remains: how long can New York City sustain this financial strain? More importantly, when will the federal government step in to fulfill its responsibility?

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.

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