Queen Elizabeth II Dead

In 1946, Queen Elizabeth II became engaged to Lt. Philip Mountbatten, who later became Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. However, her father requested that the announcement of their engagement be postponed until after her 21st birthday.

On her birthday, Queen Elizabeth II delivered a speech during a tour of South Africa, which was broadcasted on the radio throughout the Commonwealth. She expressed her dedication to serving the people and the imperial family.

The couple got married in a relatively simple ceremony at Westminster Abbey on November 20, 1947. Due to post-war circumstances, the Queen had to use clothing coupons to acquire her wedding dress.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip welcomed their first child, Charles, the future Prince of Wales, on November 14, 1948, at Buckingham Palace. They later had a second child, Anne, born in 1950.

During her husband’s naval duty in Malta, Princess Elizabeth visited him four times. However, her responsibilities increased significantly after King George was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1951 and underwent lung surgery.

While on a visit to Kenya, Queen Elizabeth II received the news from her husband on February 6, 1952, that her father had passed away. This meant that she became the queen and her tour was cut short as she returned to Britain as the reigning monarch.

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