Rapper Ice Cube Shocks with Accusation Regarding Black Crime Rate

Famous rapper Ice Cube, whose real name is O’Shea Jackson Sr., is currently fully engaged in his new basketball league and a podcast tour called “F*ck the Gatekeepers”.

According to Cube, there is a group of gatekeepers with their own hidden agendas, and he is not part of it.

In a recent interview with talk show host Bill Maher, Cube discussed more of his accusations, claiming that the rap industry and the prison industry are closely connected.

‘Follow the Money’

According to Ice Cube, many music industry executives who encourage rappers to include violent and hateful lyrics in their music also have investments in the private prison industry.

During his appearance on Maher’s show, Cube argued that violent rap lyrics that contribute to division and crime directly impact the high rate of black crime and the profits of private prisons.

It’s worth noting that Cube himself gained fame in the late 1980s with songs that expressed anti-police sentiments and glorified gang lifestyles.

Over the years, however, he has become more skeptical of leftist views and even collaborated with former President Trump.

Who Are the Gatekeepers?

When Maher asked Cube about the identity of these gatekeepers, they both agreed that there are too many politically correct debates in society that only serve to divide people instead of creating meaningful discussions.

Cube admitted that he doesn’t know the specific names of the gatekeepers, but he believes that by following the money trail, it is possible to uncover their identities.

While Cube acknowledged his own history of writing violent lyrics and promoting a criminal lifestyle, he argued that the promotion of certain types of music and the suppression of others is part of a “narrative” constructed by the elites.

Cube’s theory raises the question of whether violent rap music would remain popular if there were no demand for it.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.

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