Revealing the Biden Family: A Story of Intrigue and Disguise

Allegations have surfaced suggesting President Joe Biden may have been involved in a complex web of clandestine activities.

Charles C.W. Cooke, writing for the National Review, poses a thought-provoking question: if these allegations are proven accurate, what possible defense could there be?

The allegations in question revolve around the Biden family’s purported creation of over 20 shell companies, numerous phone calls between Biden and his son Hunter’s foreign business partners, and
even a trip on Air Force Two to China for Hunter to meet with a CCP-connected business partner.

The implications of these allegations are staggering; they paint a picture of a potential criminal enterprise involving bribes from diverse sources, such as China and Ukraine.

One might wonder why anyone would go to such lengths.

The answer lies in the Freedom of Information Act. By operating through these channels, the alleged communications would not be archived in official systems, thereby evading public scrutiny and possibly law enforcement.

While it’s challenging to conceive of a defense for such actions, one can certainly speculate about the motivations behind them.

Could it be that President Biden was deeply entangled in this alleged criminal enterprise? While there may be other, more benign explanations, the pattern of behavior does raise eyebrows.

This brings us to an intriguing comparison. Some New Yorkers may recall Vincent “The Chin” Gigante, the mob boss who feigned insanity for three decades to elude law enforcement.

Is it possible that Biden is employing a similar strategy in the White House? The Biden family, like the Genovese family crime mob that Gigante was part of, has allegedly amassed significant wealth from questionable foreign sources.

Yet, it seems that federal authorities are more inclined to shield the Bidens than to investigate these connections.

The need for a comprehensive, transparent investigation into these allegations is paramount. However, the question remains: will we get one?

Adding another layer to this intricate narrative is the recent claim by James Comer that President Biden had at least one pseudonymous email account. This account, it is suggested, was used to secretly collude with Hunter.

The purpose of such an account? To ensure that these emails don’t get archived in official systems, remain unavailable under the Freedom of Information Act, and stay out of reach of critics and potentially law enforcement.

This now begs to question: is Biden merely playing the part of a doddering, out-of-touch leader while masterminding a vast, covert operation?

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.

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