Revealing the Hidden Terrors: The Ordeal of Political Prisoner Barry Ramey

Barry Ramey, a political prisoner involved in the January 6 protesters, came forward to expose the inhumane conditions he and his fellow inmates are enduring.

Ramey’s account of his experiences within the prison walls is a reminder of the violation of human rights happening right now.

Ramey, who was arrested on April 21, 2022, and later sentenced to 60 months for his involvement in the Capitol incident, reached out to the Gateway Pundit to share his story.

His narrative portrays life behind bars, where constitutional rights are suspended, medical care is denied, and religious services are prohibited.

The situation escalated to the point where Ramey was stabbed in the face for watching Tucker Carlson.

This incident exemplifies the violence that prisoners face due to their political views. It reflects the bigotry and prejudice within the correctional system.

Ramey’s fiancée has been trying to keep the public updated on his condition. She shared a letter from Ramey, penned in July, which detailed the appalling conditions he was living in.

He described being sleep-deprived, forced to pay for basic needs like clothes and hygiene products, and having his mail discarded due to his political views.

In another letter to the Gateway Pundit, Ramey attempted to describe the horrors of Northern Neck Regional Jail.

He wrote, “What we the Jan6ers went through at Northern Neck Regional Jail was egregious on so many levels that I’m not sure I have enough ink in my pen or pages in my notebook to list them all.”

The psychological, physical, and constitutional abuses that occurred behind those walls are beyond comprehension.

Ramey’s fiancée also revealed the difficulties she faced while trying to get in touch with him. Despite numerous attempts, she was unable to reach him via phone or email.

When she finally managed to contact the prison, she was informed that Ramey was in solitary confinement and labeled as “in transit,” which meant he had no access to phone, email, or commissary.

The letter she received from Ramey confirmed her worst fears. He was not allowed out of his cell, was medically neglected, and was treated with disregard by the correction officers.

His pleas for basic necessities like toilet paper were ignored, and he was forced to eat food with his hands due to the lack of utensils.

This shocking revelation of the treatment towards Barry Ramey and other J6 defendants should make us question the integrity of our correctional system and demand justice for those enduring inhumane conditions.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.

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