Revealing the Truth about Obama: Uncovering the Story Behind the Manchurian Candidate

Wayne Allyn Root, a former classmate of Barack Obama at Columbia University, has been trying to uncover hidden aspects of Obama’s life and political career for over 15 years.

He begins with what he calls the “Ghost of Columbia” mystery.

Root claims that, despite having the same major as Obama, he never encountered him in any classes. Root’s theory is that Obama was studying communism in the Soviet Union, sponsored by Columbia’s sister school in Moscow. He suggests that this was the starting point of Obama’s grooming by individuals seeking to undermine America.

Root also learned about a plan called “Cloward Piven” at Columbia, which aimed to destroy America. He speculates that Obama spent two years in the Soviet Union mastering this strategy. According to Root, the evidence of this plan can be seen in America’s current state, including open borders, a welfare explosion, military destruction, censorship, and more. He believes these are all part of a communist-level control strategy that Obama learned during his time in the Soviet Union.

Root describes Obama as a “Manchurian candidate,” groomed by enemies of America who are communist and globalist in nature. He alleges that Obama is now working behind the scenes to continue the job he started by directing government attacks against Trump and other conservatives.

The issue of Obama’s sexuality is also addressed by Root. He claims that Obama’s friends in Chicago have always known him to be gay.

Root argues that if true, Obama’s portrayal of himself as a happily married family man could be considered fraud. However, he emphasizes that the real issue is not Obama’s sexuality, but rather his alleged role in the destruction of America.

Furthermore, Root asserts that Obama’s influence continues in what he refers to as the “third term” of Obama, under the guise of Joe Biden’s presidency. He predicts that Biden will soon step down due to health reasons and whoever replaces him will be under Obama’s control.

Finally, Root draws parallels between the treatment of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and former President Trump, suggesting that Obama’s involvement can be seen in their political persecution.

Root believes that understanding Obama’s time at Columbia is crucial for understanding his political trajectory. At the end of the day, Wayne Allyn Root presents a controversial perspective on Barack Obama’s past and present.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.

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