Revelation of a Concealed Truth: Gun-Wielding Good Samaritan Renders Active Shooter Ineffective

A brand-new case, in which an armed Good Samaritan stopped an active shooter before any casualties occurred, seems to have been covered up by local officials and media in Las Vegas.

This information came to light after a leaked security camera video of the incident started circulating online.

Failed Mass Shooting Attempt

Surveillance footage from Twitter shows a man armed with a rifle attempting to enter Las Vegas’ Turnberry Towers and firing shots towards the front desk.

At that moment, an armed employee confronts the would-be shooter, catching him off guard, as reported by Red State.

The employee, referred to as a “good guy with a gun,” starts firing back at the intruder, who tries to escape. After shooting out the inner glass, the shooter tries to reach the street through the outer door.

However, just as he reaches the door, the active shooter is taken down by the Good Samaritan, who continues firing from behind him.

The video reveals the gunman wearing a tactical helmet, although it’s unclear if he was also wearing body armor. Given that he survived several direct hits to his upper back, it’s likely that he was.

Good Samaritan May Face Charges?!

The main question raised in the report is why it took five days for the public to be informed about the attempted mass shooting. And when it was finally revealed, it was only covered by conservative news outlets like Red State.

The incident appears to have been “buried” by local officials, potentially to avoid highlighting the importance of concealed carry and armed Good Samaritans to the American public.

The Las Vegas Police Department has not confirmed whether an armed civilian neutralized the active shooter.

This raises the possibility that the employee who saved lives may have violated internal policy by carrying a gun inside the building.

Even more concerningly, the report suggests that Las Vegas’ Democratic District Attorney might charge the Good Samaritan for shooting the gunman in the back, although this scenario is deemed “ludicrous.” The case exposes the ongoing battle against Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.

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