Scrutinizing Harris’ Influence on Biden’s 2024 Prospects

As President Joe Biden gears up for his 2024 re-election campaign, questions loom large over Vice President Kamala Harris’s impact on his prospects. Concerns within the Democratic Party are growing regarding Harris’ influence and how the public perceives her as Biden’s running mate.

Critics argue that Harris falls short of being a strong vice president, citing her low approval ratings and frequent public missteps that have undermined her credibility. Some commentators have gone as far as branding her “one of the least consequential vice presidents in modern history,” pointing to instances of unclear responses and inappropriate reactions during serious discussions. This reputation could pose a challenge in a high-stakes election.

However, replacing Harris could spark a political controversy, with accusations of gender and ethnic bias potentially splitting the Democratic base. Despite these risks, some argue that a change may be necessary to enhance Biden’s chances. The concern is that Harris’ perceived weaknesses could potentially outweigh the turmoil that would come with replacing her.

Although attacks on vice presidential candidates have not traditionally swayed elections significantly, the circumstances of this election, with ongoing discussions about Biden’s age, may elevate Harris as a more important factor. Politico suggests that Republicans are likely to target Harris, portraying her as a weaker option compared to Biden. This approach is based on the premise that, at 81, Biden might not finish a second term, which would lead to Harris assuming the presidency.

There is palpable anxiety within the Democratic camp. Major donors and party leaders have expressed worries about the current direction of the Biden-Harris ticket. Despite substantial fundraising efforts, these concerns persist. Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey has called on supporters to rally behind the ticket more urgently, stressing the critical nature of the upcoming election.

Supporters of Harris contend that her tenure has been more impactful than critics admit. She has been instrumental in international diplomacy, tackling migration issues, and advocating for significant domestic policies like voting rights and child tax credits. Her proponents argue that Harris’ contributions have been undervalued and that she possesses the essential qualities to step up if necessary.

Nonetheless, Biden’s campaign faces an uphill battle. A significant segment of the Democratic base remains unconvinced of Harris’ capacity to lead in case the need arises. Internal party strategists are divided on the best strategy, with some advocating for a robust defense of Harris’ accomplishments and capabilities.

As the 2024 election nears, the Biden campaign must navigate these internal conflicts while countering Republican attacks. The outcome may depend on their capability to present a united front and effectively convey the strengths of their leadership team to the American public. The question remains whether Harris will be a liability or an asset in the struggle to retain the White House.

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