‘Sentencing of Non-Binary Anti-LGBT Mass Shooter Uncovered as Media Suppression’

The mainstream media in the United States – which are now entirely propaganda mouthpieces of the Democrat Party – have just done it again.

They practically covered up the sentencing of a mass shooter who attacked a Colorado gay club. This happened after it apparently emerged that the gunman was “non-binary,” thus destroying the left’s claims that his attack was a vile example of anti-LGBT violence, a report reveals.

‘Non-binary’ Shooter

In November 2022, 23-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich made mainstream media headlines by attacking an LGBT nightclub in Colorado Springs, killing five people before he was tackled and disarmed by club visitors.

Needless to say, his mass shooting was touted by leftist propaganda as an absolute vicious expression of anti-gay violence in today’s America. Yet, Aldrich’s sentencing this past Monday has practically been ignored and covered up by the mainstream media.

That’s probably because it emerged that he identified as “non-binary,” The Gateway Pundit reports.

The mass murderer from Club Q was expectedly sentenced to life in prison without parole after he pleaded guilty to five counts of first-degree murder, plus 46 counts of attempted homicide.

Among major news media, only Reuters seems to have covered his sentence, but it did so in a meager 15-paragraph article.

What is more, the report made no mention of a hate crime, other than the defendant’s decision not to contest two charges of “bias-motivated crimes.”

The report emphasizes a “very inconvenient fact” for left-wing propaganda that emerged after Aldrich’s charges over the mass shooting – namely, his “non-binary” self-identification.

‘They / Them’ Pronouns

Before that fact became known, it was not only leftist propaganda, but also the White House, that touted the “anti-LGBT” shooting.

President Joe “Multiple Scandals” Biden issued a statement at the time, stressing that the LGBT community had been suffering from “horrific hate violence” in the past few years.

Colorado’s Democratic Governor Jared Polis, touted as the first openly gay US governor, said the only motive behind the shooting rampage in the nightclub was “pure evil.”

None of that aged well with the radical left’s agenda. Aldrich’s sentencing confirmed previous reports that he was not only non-binary, but also used “they/them” pronouns.

Aldrich’s case demonstrates once again that leftist propaganda will only report what fits its agenda and is eager to cover up the rest. A lot more cases in hand are likely to come in the near future.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.

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