Small-dollar Campaign Donations Take a Major Hit Due to Inflation

Today, it’s no secret that Americans are struggling with inflation. The value of the US dollar is diminishing, impacting the savings and earning potential of hardworking individuals.

Much of the blame for this economic situation falls on President Biden. Despite warnings from Republicans, he pushed spending bills through Congress, and now the American people are feeling the negative consequences.

Despite the clear evidence of inflation and its impact, President Biden continues to defend his fiscal policies and downplay their negative effects on Americans.

According to the Tampa Free Press, inflation has significantly affected small-dollar campaign donations. Both Republicans and Democrats running for office in 2024 have seen a decline in these donations, indicating that the issue is more economic than political.

This is Very Bad News

The decline in small-dollar donations reveals that Americans can no longer afford to spare $20 for their preferred candidates. Rising inflation and other costs have forced people to stretch every penny as much as possible.

Due to the significant drop in small-dollar campaign donations, candidates running for office need to find new ways to sustain their financial viability. Some are seeking more grassroots support, but their efforts are not yielding the same results as before.

Politicians are also being cautioned against appearing too aggressive when soliciting funds, as this can backfire.

No Accountability From Biden

Unsurprisingly, both President Biden and his allies continue to downplay inflation and other economic hardships facing Americans. They make appearances on TV and try to present an overly positive image of the economy that does not match the reality.

Given the current situation, it is likely that political campaign funding from small-dollar donors will continue to decline. Candidates seeking office should prepare accordingly.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.

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