Small Texas Town Overwhelmed by Unprecedented Influx of Migrants

In the small town of Eagle Pass, Texas, a crisis is unfolding.

This community of just 29,000 residents has been inundated with over 11,500 migrants in the last ten days alone, a staggering influx that has left local resources stretched to breaking point.

Footage captured overnight reveals a startling scene, with dozens of migrants pouring into the town, their faces illuminated by the early morning light. Many are seen smiling and waving at the camera, seemingly oblivious to the controversy their arrival sparked.

These individuals are part of a larger wave of tens of thousands who crossed the border in recent weeks, a human tide that shows no signs of receding.

The journey these migrants undertake is fraught with danger. Many have traveled aboard Mexico’s largest railroad network, known colloquially as ‘The Beast.’

This cargo train, often filled to capacity with hopeful asylum seekers, has been the site of numerous injuries and fatalities. Despite the Mexican authorities’ attempts to partially shut down the service following these incidents, the train continues to transport hundreds of migrants toward the US border.

The situation in Eagle Pass is not an isolated incident. Across the state, border officials are grappling with an escalating migrant crisis.

In El Paso, almost 500 miles away, at least three cases of tuberculosis have been reported among the migrant population. Meanwhile, in New York, city officials are struggling to cope with an influx of over 10,000 migrants per month.

The response from the Biden administration to this crisis has been woefully inadequate, according to Texas officials. Eagle Pass Mayor Rolando Salinas publicly criticized the president for his lack of action, stating the surge in migrant arrivals led to an increase in robberies and violence within the community.

The situation is further complicated by the political tug-of-war over border security measures.

While the Biden administration has been removing razor wire barriers along the Rio Grande, Texas officials are hastily reinstalling them in a bid to stem the flow of migrants.

This back-and-forth has done little to alleviate the crisis and only served to highlight the deep divisions between federal and state authorities on this issue.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.

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