South African Leftist Leader Advocates for Violence Against White People

On Saturday, Julius Malema, the leader of the Marxist Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) party, led a huge crowd in chants of “Kill the Boer.” The term “Boer” refers to white framers in the Dutch-derived Afrikaans language.

In the video, Malema can be seen dancing and singing in Afrikaans before switching to English. He can be heard shouting about shooting to kill Boers and white farmers, as a part of singing Dubul’ ibhunu, a Zulu anti-Afrikaner chant.

Malema makes gun noises and gets his audience to echo his cries of killing white farmers.

This is not the first time Malema sang “Kill the Boer” to express his intention to cull South Africa of its white population. According to Jim Hoft’s report, Malema has previously expressed his intention to seize land owned by whites and expressed violent sentiments against Boer farmers by saying he wants to cut the throat of whiteness.

Afriforum voiced its disapproval of the chanting of the “Kill the Boer” song by the EFF’s leader Julius Malema during the party’s 10th-anniversary rally.

The organization previously filed a hate speech complaint in South Africa’s Equality Court, only for it to be rejected. Afriforum is currently in the process of appealing the decision.

Judge Edwin Molahlehi stated the song “Kill the Boer” played a substantial role in the political rhetoric of South Africa, reflecting dissatisfaction with the shortcomings of the African National Congress since the nation’s transition to a post-Apartheid state.

The Democratic Alliance, the moderate opposition party in South Africa’s Parliament, declared their intention to lodge a complaint with the United Nations against the EFF and the African National Congress (ANC).

John Steenhuisen, Leader of the Opposition, said the UN report would first indict Malema for racial violence; the second will be condemning South Africa’s ANC federal government for failing to take action as murders of Boers continue to escalate.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.

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