State Supreme Court of Illinois Takes Action to End Cash Bail amidst State Crisis

The termination of cash bail throughout the state, according to sheriffs in southern Illinois, will lead to an increase in crime and casualties.

Bad News for Victims

Locals are quite worried, according to Sheriff Kyle Bacon of Franklin County, who spoke to Fox News. He stated it’s a trial carried out on the backs of criminal victims. He also claims the residents and himself are really concerned.

The Illinois Supreme Court made a decision in support of abolishing the state’s cash bail process on Tuesday. Beginning as a result of the decision, Illinois will be the nation’s first to entirely eliminate cash bail on September 18.

According to the amendment, judges in Illinois no longer have to ask suspects to pay bail in order to be discharged from custody while awaiting trial. The only exception is if the court deems that they pose a flight risk or harm to the general population.

Police and lawyers are going to be the ones who shoulder the weight of these alterations, according to Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Bullard.

Bullard said to Fox News that after the state’s attorney argued for their remand for trial, the judge was forced to let them go, due to the SAFE-T Act’s rules. He said they’d done their jobs by getting the criminals off of the streets and now were forced to let them go.

That will enhance the anger of crime victims; law enforcement will feel that disappointment alongside them, he said. The SAFE-T Act, which is a 2021 reform of the criminal justice system bill, includes this provision.

It was initially scheduled to begin January 1, but got postponed after Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul challenged a circuit judge’s finding that both pre-trial release and bail changes in the SAFE-T Act were unlawful.

Huge Blow for Law Enforcement

According to Bacon, they were getting ready for it, but afterward, they just essentially pushed the pause button. The scramble for prosecutors and law enforcement officials has resumed.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.

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