Sworn Testimony from Trump Uncovers His Efforts in Preventing Global Catastrophe

In a recent sworn testimony, former President Trump claimed that his actions during his time in the White House prevented a potential nuclear disaster.

This revelation came to light during a deposition related to a civil case against him and his company by the state of New York for alleged fraud.

Trump stated under oath that he was preoccupied with “saving millions of lives” by averting a nuclear catastrophe. He explained that his focus on international affairs left him with little time to pay attention to his company’s operations.

The deposition took place on April 13th at the office of the state attorney general.

The former president further discussed his efforts to resolve global issues, particularly those involving North Korea, China, and Russia.

He expressed his interest in solving the problem with North Korea, which he described as being on the verge of explosion. He also addressed issues with China, accusing them of exploiting the United States.

In addition, he claimed credit for preventing Russia from invading Ukraine during his presidency.

Trump asserted that these issues were effectively handled during his term but resurfaced under President Joe Biden’s administration.

When asked about his involvement with his company, Trump admitted that he was too occupied as president and considered it the most important job in the world, involving saving millions of lives.

However, the prosecuting attorney seemed unimpressed by Trump’s claims of averting a nuclear disaster. He dismissed the topic, stating that he would not discuss nuclear war during the deposition.

This exchange was one of several contentious moments during the deposition, as reported by The New York Times.

The deposition also revealed that once Trump began his presidential campaign in 2015, he distanced himself from the Trump Organization. He stated that his role as a leader in the company was essentially gone, as he was more focused on his presidential duties.

Despite the serious allegations against him, Trump is seeking to have the case dismissed. A ruling on this motion is expected in September, with the trial set to commence in October.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.

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