Teachers Union Pressures Wisconsin Governor Against School Choice Legislation

The teachers union in Wisconsin is exerting pressure on Governor Tony Evers (D-WI) to veto a school budget agreement that includes increased spending for both public educational institutions and the state’s school choice system.

Union Opposes Democratic Governor

The Wisconsin Education Association is urging the governor to reject the bill, which has received approval from both chambers of the legislature.

Evers reached an agreement with Republicans in the state legislature to provide an additional $1 billion in funding for public schools. However, the inclusion of a $282 million funding increase for the state’s school choice program and charter schools has outraged the teachers union.

As a result of this funding, individual student voucher awards will be raised by $1,000 and $3,000, bringing the total to $9,045 for elementary and middle school students, and $11,993 for high school students.

Peggy Wirtz-Olsen, president of the Wisconsin Education Association Council, argues that this proposed funding solution undermines the students. She also points out that Wisconsin currently has a budget surplus of $7 billion.

Wirtz-Olsen further claims that no student graduating from a public school has ever experienced a state funding increase that keeps up with inflation. This is why the union is calling on Governor Evers to veto these bills when they come across his desk.

In a statement given to FOX 6 Milwaukee, Amy Mizialko, president of the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association, criticized Governor Evers. She believes that the governor, as the leader responsible for public education in the state, should not support a system that pits schools against one another.

Mizialko argues that Evers should not prioritize private schools at the expense of the majority of students in public schools and their families. According to her, private schools should not receive public funding, period.

Governor Remains Firm

Despite opposition from the state’s unions, Governor Evers, who received support from the teachers unions during the election, sees the bill as a victory for Wisconsin.

This article was originally published on Conservative Cardinal and has been republished here with permission.

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