The Government’s Targeted Harassment of Zachary Rehl: An Unfair Persecution

The federal government is using an interview with The Gateway Pundit as evidence against Zachary Rehl in an attempt to justify imposing the harshest possible penalty on him. The Biden DOJ is outraged by Rehl’s comparison of his trial to those in Communist China, which they believe warrants the maximum punishment.

This case is significant because it highlights the potential consequences of dissent. Despite the allegations, many people believe that Zachary Rehl did nothing wrong and continue to support him through prayers and donations. Rehl, a Proud Boys leader, is facing a 30-year sentence for his alleged involvement in the Capitol riot, even though he did not commit any violent acts on that day.

The government argues that Rehl and his associates intended to incite a revolution on January 6th to keep former President Trump in power. They label this a “terror attack” that threatened American democracy, justifying severe punishment. However, there are accusations that the DOJ is deliberately attempting to ruin these men and their families because they supported Trump and attended the January 6th protests to protect against leftist groups like Antifa.

The government is now pushing for the conduct of Rehl, Tarrio, Nordean, and Biggs to be classified as “terrorism,” which would significantly increase their sentences. The sentencing was scheduled to take place in a Washington DC court but has been postponed, causing further distress to the families who traveled to support them.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.

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