The Ongoing Intrigue: America’s Curiosity Unmasked in the Flat Earth Debate

Despite the scientific consensus that our planet is round, a concept known since the time of Pythagoras over 2,000 years ago, there remains a surprising level of interest in the ‘Flat Earth’ theory.

A recent survey revealed that as many as 10% of Americans still entertain the idea that the earth might be flat. This curiosity is not evenly distributed across the country, however, with some states showing a higher interest than others.

Alaska, known for its ‘midnight sun’ and other phenomena that confirm the earth’s round shape, surprisingly leads the pack.

Alaskans conducted 23,040 searches related to ‘Flat Earth’ theories last year, translating to about 314.33 searches per 10,000 residents. This high level of interest is intriguing, given the state’s firsthand experience of natural phenomena that affirm the earth’s spherical shape.

Not far behind Alaska are Colorado natives, who came in second with 183,000 searches, or 311.83 per 10,000 people.

Wyoming, Washington, and Hawaii followed in order, all states located west of the Mississippi river. It’s interesting to note that these states, despite their geographical diversity, share a common curiosity about the shape of our planet.

On the eastern side of the Mississippi, New Jersey residents showed the most interest in the debate on earth’s shape.

Over the past year, approximately 165,120 ‘Flat Earth’ searches were made in the Garden State, equating to about 178.40 inquiries per 10,000 residents. Despite this, New Jersey had the lowest interest in researching the topic online per 10,000 residents, suggesting a more skeptical stance towards the theory.

Other states like Mississippi, Kansas, Wisconsin, and Virginia also demonstrated a significant level of interest, making them competitive in the list of states intrigued by the ‘Flat Earth’ theory.

This widespread curiosity underscores the enduring appeal of alternative theories, even in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence.

The data was compiled by BetKentucky, an information service that emerged after the passage of House Bill 551 in Kentucky earlier this year.

This bill allowed the state’s horse tracks to become licensed-sports betting facilities. Interestingly, Kentucky ranked 37th on the list, suggesting that residents may be more focused on sports betting than on debating the shape of the earth.

In conclusion, while the ‘Flat Earth’ theory has been widely discredited, it continues to captivate a segment of the American population. This curiosity, as reflected in Google search trends, varies significantly from state to state.

Whether this interest stems from genuine belief or simple curiosity, it’s clear the ‘Flat Earth’ debate continues to resonate across the United States.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.

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