The Ukraine Conflict Is Not Your Chance To Go Viral

The Ukraine conflict has caught the attention of social media users, particularly on Twitter. Some individuals have created memes featuring Ukrainian President Zelensky, with his image digitally altered to resemble different Marvel characters, such as Captain America. Others have gone as far as suggesting that actor Jeremy Renner should portray Zelensky in a hypothetical war film. However, these memes have sparked mixed reactions, with some questioning the appropriateness of using humor in this context.

In addition to the meme creators, online sellers on platforms like Etsy have also jumped on the bandwagon, offering various products adorned with Zelensky’s face and quotes. This trend is reminiscent of the “Cuomosexual” meme, where people embraced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. It raises the ethical question of whether it is fair to subject politicians to this level of attention and mockery online.

However, the issue extends beyond memes and merchandise. Misleading videos related to the conflict in Ukraine are circulating on TikTok. These videos often contain false information and use footage from past conflicts, movies, or video games. Media Matters, a watchdog organization, has criticized TikTok for facilitating the spread of misinformation, particularly through the reuse of audio from unrelated videos.

The organization argues that TikTok’s platform design inadvertently allows fear and misinformation to flourish during times of heightened anxiety. While it is crucial to stay informed about global conflicts, it appears that the current design of the app is not compatible with this objective.

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