“The US Open Epidemic”: An Enigmatic Sickness Engulfs the Championship

A mysterious illness, now dubbed ‘the US Open bug’, has been spreading rapidly among players at the prestigious US
Open tennis tournament.

This unforeseen health crisis has caused significant disruptions, with several players reporting flu-like symptoms
and others being forced to retire due to severe stomach pain.

Tunisian tennis star Ons Jabeur, 29, was one of the first to report feeling unwell. After her second-round win over
Linda Noskova, she confessed to reporters that she felt like a ‘zombie’ on the court due to persistent coughing and
other symptoms.

Despite taking every medication recommended by the tournament’s doctors, Jabeur’s performance was significantly affected,
leading to her defeat in straight sets by China’s Zheng Qinwen.

Austria’s Dominic Thiem also fell victim to this mysterious illness. He was seen showing signs of discomfort during his
second-round match against Ben Shelton, eventually withdrawing due to stomach pain.

Similarly, the Czech Republic’s Petra Kvitova reported stomach pain before her match against Caroline Wozniacki, which
she ultimately lost.

American player Tenny Sandgren, 32, openly admitted on Twitter that he had contracted the ‘US Open bug’. Despite his
efforts to stay in the competition, Sandgren was eliminated during the qualifying round.

Poland’s Hubert Hurkacz, 26, also showed signs of illness on the court and sought treatment from the tournament’s medical
staff before losing to Jack Draper.

The spread of the illness has not been limited to the players. Persistent sniffing, coughing, and sneezing were heard
from within the crowd and on the court.

Tennis journalist Ben Rothenberg tweeted about the noticeable increase in coughing and sniffling among those in the press
room and player lounge.

Adding to the concern, tennis legend John McEnroe disclosed that he tested positive for COVID-19 on the second day of
the tournament.

This revelation has led to fears that the spread of the illness could be linked to the COVID Pirola variant. However,
players and fans are not required to test for COVID at the US Open, raising questions about the potential for further

This outbreak casts a shadow over the US Open, with players and spectators alike hoping for a swift resolution. As the
tournament continues, all eyes will be on the organizers and how they handle this unexpected health crisis.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal
and has been published here with permission.

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