Top Military Official Blames Conservative Anti-Woke Rhetoric for Lack of Recruits

One of the top officials in the US Army is attributing the low number of recruits to conservative criticism of the military’s “woke” culture.

During a press briefing, Army Secretary Christine Wormuth emphasized that the US Army is not “woke”. However, she acknowledged that the perception of the military as being “woke” due to ongoing criticism negatively impacts recruitment efforts.

Recruitment Crisis in the Military

Wormuth’s statement comes as the US Armed Forces are facing their worst recruitment crisis since transitioning from the conscription model five decades ago.

The US Army fell short of its recruitment target of 60,000 new troops by 15,000 for the fiscal year 2022.

However, Wormuth also acknowledged that the politicization of military leaders, a concern shared across political lines, contributes to a decrease in trust in the Armed Forces.

She pointed out that when high-ranking military officials get involved in politicized disputes, it creates the perception that they are more politically inclined than they actually are.

Military’s Increasing Politicization

Under the leadership of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin III, the military has become increasingly politicized.

This trend began with the Biden administration’s campaign to eliminate “far-right extremism” within the military.

The introduction of critical race theory and a consistent emphasis on racism, defended by Gen. Milley as necessary for military cohesion, have contributed to the perception of politicization.

Florida Governor and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis has criticized the military’s “wokeness” for contributing to the recruitment crisis.

According to DeSantis, there is a significant focus on political ideologies, gender pronouns, diversity, equity, and inclusion, which he believes has led to a sharp decline in recruitment numbers.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.

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