Trump Advocates for Parental Authority in School Principal Selection

Former President Trump has expressed his concerns about the infiltration of communists and other undesirable individuals in our educational system and has made it a priority to address this issue.

Trump has announced his intention to issue an executive order that will deny federal funding to any school that promotes critical race theory, transgender ideologies, or any offensive racial, sexual, or political materials to students.

Trump Stresses Equality

Trump emphasized that the protection of parental rights is of utmost importance:

“Do you really believe this? Could you have imagined saying this ten or fifteen years ago? I will always advocate for the rights of parents. Despite disagreements, I want to affirm that I will stand up for parents’ rights. It is our duty to protect the rights of parents.”

Trump further stated that it is alarming that stating such a position is even necessary for elected officials or individuals speaking on camera.

In addition, Trump emphasized that parents have the freedom to choose whether to enroll their children in public, private, religious, or charter schools.

However, Trump wants to prevent radical ideologies from taking over our public education system. As part of his efforts, he supports the direct election of school principals by families associated with the school.

Parents should have the right to remove any ineffective leaders and replace them with individuals who will perform well.

From kindergarten to college, any school with a hidden or mandatory vaccine requirement will not receive any funding from Trump.

Promises Delivered

Trump expressed his surprise over the need to address these issues, as he finds them “ridiculous” and “horrible.”

In addition, Trump plans to prevent men from competing in women’s sports and prohibit sex changes for children through the signing of appropriate legislation.

This article originally appeared in Conservative Cardinal, and has been reprinted here with permission.

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