Trump Files Lawsuit Against Former MI6 Agent Over Disputed ‘Dirty Dossier’

Former President Donald Trump has started legal proceedings against Christopher Steele, a former MI6 officer, and his intelligence consultancy firm, Orbis Business Intelligence. Trump’s lawsuit is based on a data protection claim and marks a new phase in the ongoing controversy surrounding the infamous ‘dirty dossier’.

Steele, who previously led Russia desk at the Secret Intelligence Service, wrote the contentious dossier that alleged Russia had compromising material on Trump. The document, leaked to BuzzFeed in 2017, claimed that the Russian security service, the FSB, had ‘compromised’ Trump. It also suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin had ‘supported and directed’ an operation to ‘cultivate’ Trump as a presidential candidate for ‘at least five years’.

Trump has consistently denied these allegations, dismissing them as part of a larger campaign to discredit his presidency. The lawsuit is a significant step in Trump’s efforts to clear his name and challenge those whom he believes have wronged him.

According to court records, a two-day hearing for Trump’s legal action is scheduled to begin on October 16. It’s believed to be the first hearing in this specific claim, although no further details about the case have been disclosed at this time. Trump is not expected to attend the hearing in person.

This is not the first time Steele and Orbis Business Intelligence have faced legal consequences regarding the publication of the dossier. Russian national Aleksej Gubarev previously sued them for libel, alleging they were legally responsible for BuzzFeed publishing the dossier. However, in October 2020, Mr. Justice Warby dismissed the claim.

The ‘dirty dossier’ has been a source of controversy since its emergence, with critics arguing that it was used as a political weapon to undermine Trump’s presidency. Trump’s supporters have long called for accountability and transparency regarding the origins and use of the dossier.

This lawsuit is a significant development in Trump’s ongoing battle to challenge what he sees as baseless allegations against him. It also reflects his determination to hold accountable those responsible for the ‘dirty dossier’. As the legal proceedings unfold, they are likely to attract considerable attention and potentially shed new light on this divisive chapter in recent political history.

The former president’s decision to sue Christopher Steele and Orbis Business Intelligence demonstrates his resolve to fight back against what he perceives as an orchestrated campaign to tarnish his reputation. As the case progresses, it will undoubtedly continue to generate significant interest and debate.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.

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