Trump lambasts Fox News, demands ouster of ‘pitiful’ Paul Ryan from board

In a bold and direct statement, former President Donald Trump has urged the dismissal of former House Speaker Paul Ryan from Fox News’ board of directors. Trump’s request highlights the growing divide between the former president and certain factions of the Republican establishment, whom he often refers to as “RINOs” (Republicans in Name Only).

During a recent rally, Trump openly criticized Ryan, branding him as “pathetic” and alleging that he is undermining Fox News’ credibility. Trump believes Ryan’s position on the board is harming the network’s relationship with its conservative audience and diminishing its effectiveness as a voice for Republican values.

This clash is just the latest episode in the ongoing tensions between Trump and Ryan. Ryan has consistently been a vocal critic of Trump, particularly post-2020 election. He has repeatedly advised the Republican Party to distance itself from Trump, arguing that his influence is detrimental to the party’s future success. In response, Trump and his supporters have criticized Ryan as part of the “establishment” that they believe is disconnected from the party’s base.

Publicly, Paul Ryan has stated that he would skip the Republican National Convention if Trump becomes the nominee, underscoring the deep division within the party. This decision has further fueled Trump’s criticism, with the former president arguing that figures like Ryan have contributed to past electoral losses and a rift with grassroots conservatives.

Supporters of Trump view Ryan as a representation of the outdated leadership that failed to engage the Republican base. They argue that removing him from the Fox News board would align the network more closely with the values and viewpoints of its core audience, who strongly support Trump.

On the contrary, defenders of Ryan assert that his presence on the board is crucial for maintaining a balanced and trustworthy news platform. They argue that Trump’s persistent attacks are damaging to the party’s cohesion and electoral chances. These critics believe that a more inclusive and less divisive approach is essential for future Republican victories.

The internal strife within the GOP reflects the broader struggle for the party’s direction post-Trump. As the 2024 election looms, this power struggle is anticipated to escalate, with Trump and his loyalists advocating for a more populist, nationalist agenda while establishment figures like Ryan uphold traditional conservative principles.

The implications of this internal discord extend beyond the GOP, influencing the conservative media landscape as well. Trump’s criticism of Fox News and his push for Ryan’s ousting are perceived as attempts to ensure the network remains a strong ally in his political pursuits. This dynamic could significantly impact how conservative media covers the upcoming election and the critical issues at hand.

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