Ukraine’s Zelensky Tells UN Of Horrors In Bucha

In his speech to the United Nations, Ukrainian President Zelensky not only called for the prosecution of Russian fighters and officials for war crimes, but also criticized the Security Council for its inefficiency in maintaining global peace.

Zelensky questioned the effectiveness of the Security Council in ensuring security, stating, “Where is the security that the Security Council is supposed to guarantee?” He expressed disbelief at how the design of the Council has allowed Russia, with its veto power, to continue its violent campaign in Ukraine without facing international intervention.

The Ukrainian leader called for immediate reform of the Security Council to promote fairer global representation and the removal of Russia’s veto power. Alternatively, he suggested that the Council be dissolved entirely if reform proves to be unattainable. Zelensky emphasized the urgency of action, saying, “Are you ready to close the UN? Do you think that the time of international law is gone? If your answer is no, then you need to act immediately.”

Zelensky offered to host a global conference in Kyiv with the aim of determining how to reform the global security system to prevent future violence in other parts of the world. He stressed the importance of passing on an effective United Nations to the next generation, capable of proactively responding to security challenges.

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