Ukrainian Surgeon Operates On Wounded Russian Soldiers

A Ukrainian surgeon named Vitaliy is operating on wounded Russian soldiers despite the ongoing war between the two countries. He believes in doing his job and fulfilling his duty as a medical professional, regardless of the nationality of his patients. He also sees it as an opportunity to help Ukrainian soldiers by exchanging them once they recover.

In the past 12 days, both Russia and Ukraine have taken prisoners of war. Ukraine has captured at least 245 Russian troops, as reported by a website affiliated with the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.

Ukraine has also made an open call to the mothers of captured Russian soldiers, inviting them to retrieve their sons and take them home. According to the Ukraine Ministry of Defence Facebook page, Russian prisoners of war will be released to their mothers if they personally travel to Kyiv to meet them.

The ministry emphasizes that unlike Putin’s fascists, Ukraine does not make war with mothers and their captured sons.

However, Ukraine has also released several disturbing videos of captured Russian troops, which experts say might violate the Geneva Conventions. In one video, a Russian soldier with his eyes covered by tape is forced to call his parents and inform them of his capture. Another video shows two severely wounded Russian servicemen being interrogated in a moving truck while others depict Russian troops making phone calls to their families and giving confessions under duress.

The International Committee of the Red Cross has stated that prisoners of war and detained civilians must be treated with dignity and protected from ill-treatment and exposure to public curiosity. Anton Gerashchenko, an official with Ukraine’s Interior Ministry, defends the release of the videos, asserting that they are justified given the ongoing war and the need to expose the actions of the invading Russian troops.

Ukraine’s defense intelligence office claims that Russian servicemen are being treated in accordance with the Geneva Conventions, providing them with food, clothing, medical treatment, and keeping them in humane conditions.

According to the UN human rights office, most of the civilian casualties caused by Russia’s invasion have resulted from the use of explosive weapons such as heavy artillery, rocket systems, missiles, and air strikes.

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