US Election Results Hinge on a Limited Number of Companies Involved in Manufacturing

A Rasmussen Reports poll 


62 percent of Americans believe the 2020 presidential election results were tampered with deliberately. Another six percent say they are unaware of who even won.

The notion that third-party actors manipulated the 2020 election is also shared among 64 percent of Independents, 80 percent of Republicans, and 45 percent of Democrats. 

Given recent evidence uncovered in the aftermath of November 3, 2020, the American election system is taking on renewed significance and relevance.

Election Results Heavily Reliant on Foreign-Based Companies to Maintain Integrity 

Most Americans are likely familiar with and dependent on “Election Night Results” (ENR). These are often used by the media as a projection to determine the outcome, despite the data being based on perceptions than actual voting tallies.

The actual works fall to a Spain-based company called Scytl, which collects all state ENR data and directly supplies it to Edison Research.

Most vote-tracking features displayed by major news networks are derived from Scytl-Edison, one foreign company and another monopolistic complex with no congressional oversight. The outcome has been odd, with randomly appearing anomalies.

The most notable ENR anomaly was the “F-curve” in 2020. This was a sudden overnight spike in Democratic votes that surged over Republican counterparts, creating an odd upward line on the electoral graph.

ENR Manipulation, Oddly Identical Patterns, and a Fraudulent Election 

The “F-Curve” would touch every aspect of the 2020 election.

The swing states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania all displayed a distinct pattern, allotting Joe Biden enough votes to suddenly bypass President Trump.

The oddity of the “F-curve” was the strange identical pattern. Todd Buffington, a former systems consultant with an MBA, discovered evidence of the phenomenon in at least 20 states.

Buffington later confirmed the exact nature of the Scytl and Edison datasets found in each of the tampered states, noting the chances of such an occurrence happening in an election are very unlikely.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.

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