US Military Veteran Exposes Slave Labor Products from Communist China

A US military veteran who owns a clothing company has exposed the disturbing use of slave labor products from Communist China.

The veteran is urging other apparel manufacturers to be extra vigilant and cease using any Chinese supplies that are produced through the brutal suppression and exploitation of people oppressed by the regime in Beijing.

Merritt, the owner of Nine Line apparel, is calling on other producers to continuously test the source of the items provided by international suppliers, as reported by The Daily Caller (source).

The former Army captain reveals how he discovered that his company had received cotton products from Xinjiang, which were made with slave labor.

He insists that other US apparel producers, including Next Level Apparel based in California, should ensure that their cotton does not come from Xinjiang.

The United States has implemented the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, which specifically prohibits the import of products made with slave labor from China’s Uyghur Autonomous region.

Merritt warns that many Americans would be “horrified” to discover that the clothes they purchase may be made with forced slave labor under the control of the Chinese Communist regime.

He emphasizes that the Uighur men and women who are enslaved and imprisoned and used as laborers by the Beijing Commies are persecuted for their faith.

Results from Nine Line’s independent tests on cotton products were acknowledged in May by Next Level, leading the latter to take immediate action in terminating its supplies from the scrutinized company.

However, Merritt warns that Next Level has not yet revealed the name of the problematic supplier, which means that other companies may unknowingly be using products made with forced slave labor.

It is evident that Communist China has yet to be held accountable for the Uighur genocide. Holding them accountable can take various forms, even if some may be relatively small-scale, such as boycotting products made with slave labor cotton.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.

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