WATCH: Congressman Matt Gaetz Presents Concrete Evidence of UFO Sightings

Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz recently revealed that he has seen evidence of UFOs controlled by aliens.

During his testimony in front of the House Oversight, Gaetz shared that he personally witnessed original footage of non-human UFOs flying in a “diamond formation” and avoiding contact attempts by the US Air Force.

According to Gaetz, these crafts could not have been produced or flown by human capability.

Gaetz mentioned seeing a photo of several “orbs” flying over Eglin Air Force installation in Florida, forming a “diamond formation.”

During the testimony, Gaetz supported the statements of former spy and pilot David Grusch, former leading pilot Ryan Graves, and Navy veteran David Fravor.

Gaetz explained that when he and Tim Burchett of Tennessee tried to investigate the UFO sighting at Eglin, they encountered obstacles at every step.

Gaetz mentioned the difficulty they faced in obtaining access to images, radar information, and flight crew who witnessed the diamond formation and the orb.

If there is nothing real behind it, why would they try to cover it up?

Gaetz stated that he is not aware of any “human capability” that can explain what he witnessed, whether it be from the US or its adversaries.

This is not just an ordinary person making claims. Gaetz was a member of the Armed Services committee for nearly a decade, which involves dealing with advanced military projects, including those from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

If there were any secret projects involving orbs and new ways of exerting air power, Gaetz would have been among those briefed on them.

Based on what he is saying, it seems that UFOs are not only real, but they also appear to have a non-human origin and are beyond our current understanding of technology.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.

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